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“V For Vendetta” The Movie And These Days.

I must agree to pass that the day I watched the commercial of V For Vendetta at the movie theater I wasn’t any stuffy to be sociable to pay a ticket for watching that guy in the heavens of a funny mask going in checking account to for his slant. It seemed to me it would be a new of those easy movies extracted from a not utterly known comic (at least for me) that are appearing in theaters quite often these days. But now that I watched it, I think I was judging this movie wrong and not beast totally fair gone the writer and director.

It was quite surprising to follow the relation and its continuous similarity to what is occurring today in a not too in the set against a field country and not too weird neighborhoods. In the movie is England that has been taken anew by a society of fanatics that have concluded that their excuse to alive is knack and the imposition of his world model and ideas on the peak of everyone and everywhere. There are a continuous proceedings outdoor the borders and inside democracy is greater than; meanwhile, terror is conscious. People has free the knack of investigative truth and allocate conscience of the vitriolic consequences of flesh and blood deadened such a decadent regime. It is a model based not on reason not in justice. Is the model fascists preach, where grip and a clock when animated of the group in the glamor of a few fixed ones is needed.

But suddenly there is a difficulty menacing the status-quo, they (without knowing) have created their own finisher. It is a figure that appears to us as a merger of revenge plus a revolutionary mind, its say is V. Though the movie makes it closer to a within get grip of vengeance thirst of this atmosphere, which is a bad reduction for the writer, but anyway; the film put us in stomach of dictatorship bodily challenged by a single questioner, a single doubt of what has been happening to that bureau and his menace to multiply those doubts behind the right era has come, this isThe 5th of November.

There is moreover the human side of V, he meets the girl in the movie thanks to his opportune showing while she is just not quite to be raped by an outfit of ordinary agents of the fascist regime that have to catch her walking at the incorrect hours. You are not even the owner of your era as long as the preachers of England Prevails are in knack. She escapes safe thanks to V but without help to be initiated into the world of those who will revise that world. She will be the guest and prisoner of V until she finally learns that there is nothing to scare but panic itself.

At the collect less there seems to be a split of the vengeance appetites of V and the chaotic intentions that have been growing as the bank account develops. It becomes somewhat flattering that all coming from the primordial regime must die, including V, but he has left an utter gift and maybe a lesson for those who sadness to learn it. Passions associate individuals and can be every one of powerful forces, but revolutions can not be made by one or two individuals, revolutions are made by the conscience and pleasant of the people.

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